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Web Design

Even if you're not planning for your business to sell online, a well-crafted site is essential for any business. Hennes Media can help with that presence on the web.



A picture is worth a thousand words. Just think of what a great picture can do for your business. Hennes Media can help create that picture.


Print Design

That First impression really does count and none more so with all forms of printed material which represent your company or organisation. Hennes Media can design that good quality print material to build your brand image.



Presentations and video are a few ways of attracting audience towards your views and argument in a giving meeting. It is one of the most helping factors behind success of every meeting. Hennes Media can help with that next meeting.


The creative services for the small business

Latest PostsBy David Hennes @ Hennes Media


Vital Media Training Videos

Here is a some examples of Training videos I did for Vital Media

DYI built camera slider test

Wanted to try out my new DYI built camera slider. Shot the video with a Canon T4I and a canon 40mm pancake lens. Edited in Apple imove. There is some shake but not bad for a $30 slider.


New sales person at the store


So went to Lowe's yesterday for some home supplies and when I walked in I was greeted by a digital woman. The set up was simple. A projector sideways would play a video loop on to a coated plastic. This gave it a great 3D look to it. The set up was also wireless for remote changes. Nice digital signage and simple. What is did not like was the one shape plastic as the screen. You are then stuck with one type of video. I think a full sheet would be better for more updates.


The app I worked on

On my full time job as a designer at VELUX America Inc. I got to build an app. As a part of a two man team we designed and built a simple app for the VELUX 5-star program. The app had to be simple to use and and needed to be in-house. We used the Adobe Indesign,Adobe Publishing suite and Apple's Xcode for this project. Learning to build apps was a steep learning curve but for the first one it was a great challenge. We are already on to the next apps because of the popularity of this one. Sadly it is for in-house only so here is a short video of it.


Incorporate a proximity sensor in the display

As digital signage becomes the preferred advertising option in the retail setting, scheduling and customization of playback may become overwhelming in that each screen would be playing video or some type of audio.

My idea of different proximity zones in the digital signage display using a proximity sensor may help solve this problem.

This thought would be to incorporate a proximity sensor in the display itself and in that way the screen would be set in a “standby mode”as customers just walked by. In this mode the screen would show simple graphics with little or no sound until a customer came close to the display. At that time, the screen would then go into a “sell mode”and the screen would then switch from the simple graphics to a more complex and eye catching display to catch the customers’ attention. Then as the customer left the display, the screen would then switch back into the “standby mode”.

Data could also be collected with a proximity sensor in the displays and it would record and keep track of how many people stopped, how often they did and how long they stayed there viewing the display.

Using a proximity sensor is a better option than a motion sensor as the sign reacts to the customer coming closer to the digital display and not just changing when a customer walks by.

This idea is “Open Source and Open Design” for anyone to use as they wish. This is just an idea that I had and thought perhaps it could be used by a digital signage designer to improve their signage. Someone may have patented this idea, but I have not researched it and do not know.

Just thought I would share a cool idea that I had with my fellow designers.